Extol Com is a company based in Romania.
We are well experienced in the wire harness industry; we are selling and distributing the next equipment and spareparts:
– cutting and stripping equipment
– crimping equipment
– spareparts for the harness equipment
– crimpforce monitors (CFA)
– ultrasonic metal welding equipment
We have long term relationship with LakesPrecision,
a worldwide supplier of cutting and stripping blade for Komax, Schleuniger, Megomat, Makfil, etc.
At the same time we can supply wearing parts for ultrasonic metal welding machines (Schunk, Stapla, Amtech, etc.)
We are able to support your business with the next activities:
– sales and trading support for packing equipment and materials, distribution
– technical support, after sales support
– marketing, looking for customers and competitors
– building up new contacts with potential customers

– sending quotations, visiting customers, participating to exhibitions
– others
Please contact us for more details.
We would be pleased to establish a long term relationship with you.